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I work by donation to support new models of exchange.
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Teaching & Education

Intuitive teaching keeps the student in charge. A good teacher facilitates and equips you with the skills you need, then stands back, so it remains your journey, not someone else's. 

Curiosity is the life in all learning. Many people get discouraged by classical tuition which erodes curiosity, innovation and natural creativity. (Imagine if we had to read an instruction manual before dancing.)

I teach in a way that preserves your own voice and choices. I like to open doors of enthusiasm and show the possibilities. It is a different way of learning, but it leaves you intact at the end of it. 


I teach:
groups and individuals of any age,
Genres and eras of music from around the world,
Many instruments including the keyboard family, guitar family, percussion, the harp & zither family, recorders, whistles, singing. 
Songwriting and creative writing techniques.
Individual songs.
The foundation of recording your own music.

Individual lessons min. £20 / hour.
Please contact me about larger classes.


Soundtracks and Session Music

I can produce music for foreground or background. For videos, spoken recordings and classes.

I am a session musician who can play:
Piano/keys (all styles)
Guitar (nylon, steel, 12-string & electric)
Recorders & Whistles,
Native American Flutes,
World percussion,
Celtic Harp, Zithers, Guzheng,
(if you have other fretted instruments to hand, I can play them.)

Contact me and we can work out your wishes!


Events and Personal Sessions

Music of joy, solace and repose - for every occasion.

I play music, especially the Celtic harp, in therapeutic settings, from classrooms and yoga spaces to bedsides and hospices.

Music's ability to unhook emotions from the body is unrivalled by any conversational therapy - more in line with physical therapy (and the two go well together).

The harp brings release in both living and dying, as it lightens the load of unprocessed emotions within the body.

In yoga & exercise, it allows you to hold a pose for longer. It lessens the feeling of tension upon the body, especially in long-held poses. 

Contact me about your event requirements, whether it is:

a wedding,
an activity,
a classroom,
a concert,
a tree-planting ceremony,
a birth or wake,
a therapeutic setting,
an exercise class,
a drum circle,
a sound bath,
a day event,
a singing class,
or more.



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