The gift
of space

Hear the New

This music is played from the place
that simply is and knows.
Use it. It will strengthen that place in you
where silence already sings
and a positive future is already here.


Hear my new singles: Sand to SeaSennen Song 

Enjoy these Piano Sketches whilst my album's brewing:

New Video - Harp for Hens!

These chickens lived in a factory and had never known life outdoors until the day of this video. But hear how they listen and respond:

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Upcoming music

Celtic Harp, Piano, Guitars, Lutes & Flutes, Whistles & Zithers & Dulcimers, Vocal harmony, Chimes & Bells
and sounds of nature


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Music is my lifelong calling. I live to perfect and share what I always hear within: constant flowing melody of free and joyful wonder.

Sometimes I'm lucky enough to share it. Often, it has to wait, whilst I support myself through gardening and other exchanges.

I know the time will come when I can devote my days to music alone. But you can help me bring it nearer by making a donation, if you wish.

Every donation helps me towards realising this music, because my every step leads towards that.

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